Ray Engan - Laughter Leadership

Ray Engan was a shy little boy who used to walk inside of his Mom's wrap around skirts to avoid talking to strangers. 

He went on to a career in Stand up comedy, toured the country, and has had his humor heard on The Tonight Show and Late Night with David Letterman.

He entered corporate America, and quickly rose through the ranks as a successful sales manager known for creating positive, powerful sales teams.

He has testified before a presidential task force on Small business in America, and appeared as an election commentator on MSNBC.

He talked about his story on the way to his semi-final appearance in the World Championship of Public Speaking in 2013.

It's about how one person changed his life.

He discovered several processes that enabled him to go from feeling flawed and fearful, to being a leader that was engaged and empowering. 

If a shy boy can take the teachings of a 5th grade teacher and go from Panicked to Powerful on the Platform..... so can you.

He is now taking the processes he learned, and sharing them with you. With these secrets you can

  • Be known as the best leader in your field
  • Free up time in your day, because now your staff WANTS to do more
  • Uncover the financial and personal gains of creating universal acceptance whoever you go
  • Put a smile on your face, and those around you

It took others to show Ray what the process was to finding the path to success.

Wouldn't you like help finding the way?